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Concussion Management


Dr. Contardo has treated and managed traumatic brain injuries, concussions and persistent concussions symptoms his entire career. As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Contardo has a unique perspective on the neurological and psychological impact of these injuries.  Concussion evaluations, treatment, and management are available for athletes who need a return to play plan and individuals with a head injury from something other than sports (fall, MVA, etc).  Dr. Contardo specializes in individuals who are experiencing long term symptoms after a concussion (i.e., symptoms that are bothersome months and years after their injury), and individuals who have suffered more extensive traumatic brain injuries and are in need of cognitive assessment, treatment recommendations, return to work plans, and/or individual and family psychological counseling.  


See our website for the Great Lakes Sports Medicine and Concussion Clinic for a more comprehensive overview of our clinic and available services.  

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