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Psychological Assessment


A psychological assessment is a comprehensive analysis of emotional functioning, social and family relationships, personality characteristics, and coping skills that are impacting your functioning.   These assessments are typically used to help make diagnostic decisions and guide treatment options for psychotherapy or psychiatric medications. 


An assessment with Dr. Contardo or Dr. Slye will typically involve a comprehensive interview, psychological assessment questionnaires, and a feedback session. 


We specialize in comprehensive assessments of depression, anxiety, PTSD, borderline and narcissistic personality, eating disorders, conversion disorder, and somatization disorder. 


Individuals who struggle with chronic symptoms and reoccurring issues in relationships that impact their everyday interactions with co-workers, family members, and partners are frequently misdiagnosed.  Too often individuals are given a diagnosis based on only on symptoms without a full understanding of why those symptoms have evolved over time and what caused them. 


An evaluation with Dr. Slye or Dr. Contardo will provide a sophisticated analysis of the factors in your life that have contributed to these chronic symptoms and recurrent relationship issues.  Through an analysis of early relationships, traumatic experiences, personality style, medical diagnoses, family dynamics, and current functioning, we will arrive at an accurate understanding of why your emotions and relationships are causing disruption to your life.  This allows for more accurate medication recommendations and proper psychotherapy interventions to take place.

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