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Forensic Assessment


The term “forensic” refers to the fact that these evaluations are conducted for legal, not medical, purposes. A typical clinical evaluation is used to answer a medical question and is paid for by an insurance company due to “medical necessity.”  A forensic evaluation, in contrast, is conducted to address a legal question (typically of disability, impact of injury, or capacity). Because of this, health insurance is not accepted as payment for an evaluation that is intended to answer these types of questions.  Hourly fees are determined by the complexity of the particular case and in some cases a flat fee may be negotiated with Dr. Contardo.

Common examples of Forensic referrals from insurance companies or legal representatives:

  • Can an individual make changes to their will or execute a durable power of attorney?

  • Has an injury caused brain damage that prevents them from working?

  • Is there a psychological disorder preventing work functioning?

  • Financial capacity (ability to manage one’s own money, financial affairs and make relevant decisions while keeping in mind all possible financial-legal consequences of his/her acts)

  • Independent living (need for guardianship/conservatorship)

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