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At Axon Psychology Group we take a personalized approach to your care.


Understanding, growth and lasting change begin with a close working partnership between client and therapist.   From the beginning, we are focused on your individual needs and goals. It is our intention to help you feel at ease, supported, and appropriately challenged throughout the therapy process.


In addition to a “good fit” with your therapist, successful therapy results from effective technique.  We are highly trained in a broad range of research validated therapies that have been proven to be most effective in the practice of psychology. We tailor therapy to your specific situation.  While some individuals seek therapy for symptom reduction, we are also qualified to offer longer term therapy that focuses on personal and professional enhancement. 

We understand that no one client is the same. While some situations are improved within a short period, many individuals find that lasting change takes place within the context of consistent therapy, over the course of many months.  We provide short-term solutions to the challenges you face as well as an in-depth approach, targeting the core of the issues at hand.

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Please call us with any questions.

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